Denture Replacement

Do you have dentures that are loose or ill-fitting? If so, we can help increase stability through denture replacement with several denture types and anchoring methods. We offer mini dentures, partials, and All-on-4™ treatment. Whatever your needs are, we can help you feel more comfortable, avoid embarrassment from dentures falling out, and improve your bite. Dr. Matthews and his team will use special attachments that keep your dentures in place, make them easy to clean, and helping them to feel more like permanent, natural teeth. With over 35 years of experience and hundreds of successful denture replacement procedures, Dr. Matthews can help you find the denture stability you need for a smile that looks and feels more natural.

Implants Can Provide Denture Stability

Dental implants can be effective at anchoring full or partial dentures that may be ill-fitting or loose. There are many treatment options available which can offer natural-looking, long-term restorations to improve both the appearance and functionality of your teeth. Dr. Matthews wants to help enhance your confidence, biting efficiency, and eating security that can often be lost when dentures are placed.

Treatment Options

Depending on your particular needs, there are many choices for the anchoring of full dentures and partials, which we can discuss in more detail at your consultation. The newer anchors allow dentures to snap into place and provide a feeling of stability that can be difficult to achieve with traditional dentures.

We will talk you through and help you consider all options for anchoring your dentures before recommending a particular treatment plan. We can give you security that can often be impossible to achieve with a denture alone. Most patients who experience the stability implants provide wonder how they ever functioned without them!

Dental implants are designed to be placed in the bone where the tooth roots were originally located. After proper healing, abutments can be placed on top of the implants, and then attachments can be placed inside the denture. You should be left with a new, solid, and stable look and feel, as well as a confidence you cannot get any other way with a denture.

With partials, we can use implants for stability and do away with unsightly metal clasps that are usually needed to hold partials in. This often results in a much more natural appearance by using special attachments to help secure the teeth instead.

Smile in a Day

If you are dissatisfied with the fit and feel of your dentures, or if saving your teeth is no longer an option, then there are a few natural-looking options to give you “fixed” solution that won’t “flop around” :

“All on 4” ( a fixed hybrid denture) was a treatment path created by Nobel Biocare using the concept of placing 4 implants and connecting them with the stability of a denture, allows immediate loading of the denture the same day as placement. In other words, you can eat some foods the same day!

“Conus” is a similar procedure that allows you to have the same function as a “fixed hybrid denture” that you can take out and clean at night. It utilizes a “Morse taper” a cone in a cone, the strongest mechanical connection in physics.

“Locators” are another option to have a denture that snaps into place.

After a thorough exam, often incorporating a 3 dimensional image, and complete medical history, we will take the time to go over all of your options, the pros and cons of each option, and of course the cost.

We work closely with a local oral surgeon and an experienced lab technician to have all of you teeth extracted, the implants placed, the denture connected to the implants that same day!

  • Quick procedural and recovery times – typically only one day needed to complete treatment and most patients can resume normal activities the next day
  • Cost-effective – more affordable than if you had each tooth replaced with an individual implant.
  • Long-term results – you still must care for them, if you don’t the same bacteria that causes gum disease can cause implants to fail. Take care of them and they may out live you!
  • Restores functionality and the ability to eat, drink, and speak normally, often with an open palate design.
  • Reduces fears of teeth falling out
  • Enhances appearance with beautiful, natural-looking teeth