“I really like you. I wish I had found you years ago. You’ve cured my aversion to dentists!”

Janice Burkhead, 9/10/2019

“There must be 50 to 100 dentists close to my house, but I drive an hour to see Dr. Matthews.”

Bill Stough , 7/10/2018

“Thank you so much. I love my teeth. I think I’m going to cry. It was as painless as one could imagine.”

Judy Lunsferd, 5/1/2018

“People keep asking why do I drive from Sunset Hills to Eureka for a dentist. I won’t go anywhere else because he doesn’t zing me. This filling another dentist would redo every year. Dr. Matthews did it 10 years ago, and it’s still there.”

Sharon Buckely, 11/30/2017

“People ask me why I drive from Cadet to Eureka (60 miles) to see Dr. Matthews. I say I have a good dentist. I won’t go anywhere else.”

Tammi Davis, 11/30/2017

“I always used to have panic attacks before a dental appointment. Dr. Matthews always makes me feel very comfortable. I appreciate his honesty and how he explains all of my options for treatment.”

Stephanie Due, 10/18/2017

“I have to take off work to get here, but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. You explain things so well, you don’t talk down to us. Thank you for all you’ve done for us.”

Tracy Boyen, 11/17/2016

“By the way, you’re a great dentist.”

Tony Lewis, 10/27/2016

“Dr. Matthews conquered my fear of the dentist.”

Angi Witt, 10/23/2016

“I’ve never seen my wife smile so much as she does since you made her teeth.”

John Deaton, 10/25/2016

“My husband was raving about you. This was the first dental appointment where he was comfortable. He was very happy.”

Michelle Bautista , 8/30/2016

“I was talking to my friend I referred to you. She didn’t believe me when I told her your shots don’t hurt. She said I was right. ‘He really doesn’t hurt.”

Mary Bennett, 8/16/2016

“I’m thinking of all of the food I’ve been missing. I can’t wait for my family to see! I’m just……WOW…..I had no idea they would fit this well and look so good. They are wonderful!” (Referring to her new snap-on denture)

Louis Deaton, 8/10/2016

“Without question you are the best dentist I have ever known.”

Michael Jackson, 7/28/2016

“I’ve been telling everyone you’re a painless dentist.”

Mark Hethcote, 7/11/2016

“Your shots never hurt. In fact you’ve never hurt me. It is easy when I’m not afraid.”

Joyce Skaggs, 6/19/2016

“Whenever I’m with my friends we talk about our doctors. I always tell them three things about you: he never hurts, he’s honest, and he truly care.”

Mary Bennett, 5/16/2016

“You’re the first dentist I’ve seen since my childhood that I haven’t had a death grip on the chair while visiting. I’m very relaxed here, you guys are great!”

David Smith, 4/27/2016

“When Ricka (our hygienist, their sister) retired, my other sister and I had a conversation about continuing here as a patient. Neither of us live nearby and yes, there are probably a hundred dentists closer than you. Yet we both told each other there isn’t a dentist we trust more or would rather have continue our care than you. So, you’ll have us as patients forever.”

Marilyn Smith, 3/31/2016

“Dr. Matthews changed my life. I used to have severe migraine headaches. Now I don’t.”

Kathy Fettiz, 9/24/2014

“You’re awesome.”

Lina LeClaire, 7/31/2014

“I put you on a pedastol. I expect an injection to hurt, but they never do. For someone like me who’s nervous to begin with, I want to thank you.”

Lisa Hamilton, 4/29/2014

“I didn’t know a dentist could be so nice. My dentists were always mean. Thant’s why I never went.”

Michael Bartona, 4/29/2014

“Your professionalism and care for your patients is exceptional. I’m so glad you are my dentist.”

Judy Howser, 4/21/2014

“I don’t have any more fear of the dentist, because you’re so wonderful.”

Gina Sellers, 4/17/2014

“Thank you for your expertise, professionalism, kindness, gentleness, calmness and care.”

Mary Jo Casey, 12/23/2014

“You’re magical. I wish I had more friends, so I could tell more people how wonderful you are.”

Sherry Cohen, 1/26/2014

“You’re the best dentist ever. You taught me how to be a patient again.”

Mary Joe Casey, 1/27/2015

“I really can’t thank you enough for all your help and patience, as you transformed my embarrassing and unhealthy mouth into a great big smile! It was awesome to smile and laugh with my family during the holidays without shame. I appreciate you all so much!.”

Jenny Friedmann

“Highly skilled, very conscientious, and a genuinely nice guy. There are 200+ dentists on the St. Louis area, and I drive to Eureka to see Dr. Matthews.”

Dr. James Garden, 1/30/2014

“Dr. Matthews is the only dentist who doesn’t make me break out in a cold sweat.”

Charles Rucker

“Dr. Matthews is a miracle worker. I used to have headaches. He diagnosed the problem.”

Laura Faust, 1/17/2014

“Dr. Matthews changes my life! I used to be embarrassed to smile.”

Ann Shannon, 3/27/2012

“We finally found a dentist that both my wife and I like.”

Mike Fritz, 1/27/2014

My daughter loves it here. She thinks you’re made of magic.”

Dana Tate, 4/16/2014

“You’re the best dentist I’ve ever had.”

Judy Stewart, 4/16/2014

“My most favorite unfavorite place to come.”

Lisa Hamilton, 8/8/2013

“I’m glad I finally found a dentist who know’s what he’s doing.”

Cindy Mueller, 9/13/2013

“My nine year old son badly broke his front tooth. Dr. Matthews is an artist. He used three different colors to perfectly match my son’s tooth. And, he’s not scary like some other dentists.”

Amanda Ogle, 12/18/2013

“My eighteen year old daughter had two front teeth that were too small. I had no idea that he could make them so beautiful. We talked about porcelain veneers. but felt it was too expensive. He used filling materials, and they look perfect! My daughter and I are thrilled.”

Kim Wribley, 12/17/2013

“I was bragging about you at a party this weekend. I told them you are by far the best dentist I’ve ever had!”

Ann Ireland, 3/11/2013

“I’m glad I finally found a dentist who knows what he’s doing. I’ve talked to people who don’t like going to the dentist. I tell them to go to Dr. Matthews. I actually enjoy going to the dentist.”

Cindy Mueller, 6/26/2013

“I was so bumed out coming in to have this filling today. You guys make it so easy. It was no big deal. Thank you so much!”

Craig Carden, 8/1/2013

“Mom made my favorite meal, fried pork chops and corn on the cob. I just tore right through them. It had been years since I didn’t have to cut my corn off the cob.”

Greg Ballard

“I won’t let any other dentist work on me.”

Bridgett Porter, 12/18/2012

“I’m so glad I decided to come here for my dental care. Everyone has been great.”

Dennis Siefert

“My kids actually fight to see who gets to go first when they go to the dentist. They ask, ‘Is today the day we go to the dentist?’ You’d think we were going to Disneyland.”

Tony Smith

“You’re the best dentist I’ve ever had. You never hurt me. All my previous dentists hurt me.”

Darla Portis

“I’m always telling my friends and people at work to go see Dr. Matthews.”

Renne Horrick

“My kids actually fight to see who gets to go first at Dr. Matthews’ office.”

Jim Marshall

“You’re the only dentist who doesn’t make me sweat. All of my previous dentists had me literally sweating in the chair.”

Charles Rucker

“I refer my friends to Dr. Matthews. I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t trust him.”

Kevin Ferguson

“When Dr. Matthews’ sign was blocked, my daughter thought he moved. She became very upset. I had to reassure her that he was still there.”

Dana Tate

“Thank you for one of the best dental experiences I’ve ever had in my 76 years. You have cured me of my fear of dentists.”

Leroy Krueger

“I just Facebooked all my friends that I just slept through a root canal without being sedated. I’m so relaxed when I see Dr. Matthews. I often fall asleep.”

Robert Karlinski

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. I appreciate it more than you know. You have changed my fear of going to the dentist with your kindness! You have a customer for life with me.”

Rachel Sitton