Denture Replacement

Do you have dentures that are loose or ill-fitting? If so, we can help increase stability through denture replacement with several denture types and anchoring methods. We offer mini dentures, partials, and All-on-4™ treatment. Whatever your needs are, we can help you feel more comfortable, avoid embarrassment from dentures falling out, and improve your bite. Our dentists use special attachments that keep your dentures in place, make them easy to clean, and helping them to feel more like permanent, natural teeth. With over 25 years of experience in denture replacement and hundreds of successful denture replacement procedures, Dr. Matthews can help you find the denture stability you need for a smile that looks and feels more natural.

Implants Can Provide Denture Stability

Dental implants can be effective at anchoring full or partial dentures that may be ill-fitting or loose. There are many treatment options available which can offer natural-looking, long-term restorations to improve both the appearance and functionality of your teeth. Dr. Matthews wants to help enhance your confidence, biting efficiency, and eating security that can often be lost when dentures are placed.

Treatment Options

Depending on your particular needs, there are many choices for the anchoring of full dentures and partials, which we can discuss in more detail at your consultation. The newer anchors allow dentures to snap into place and provide a feeling of stability that can be difficult to achieve with traditional dentures.

We will talk you through and help you consider all options for anchoring your dentures before recommending a particular treatment plan. Whether using very small, mini-dental implants or standard-sized implants, we can give you security that can often be impossible to achieve with a denture alone. Most patients who experience the stability implants provide wonder how they ever functioned without them!

Dental implants are designed to be placed under the tissues where the tooth roots were originally located. After proper healing, abutments can be placed on top of the implants, and then attachments can be placed inside the denture. You should be left with a new, solid, and stable look and feel, as well as a confidence you cannot get any other way with a denture.

With partials, we can use implants for stability and do away with unsightly metal clasps that are usually needed to hold partials in. This often results in a much more natural appearance by using special attachments to help secure the teeth instead.

Smile in a Day

If you are dissatisfied with the fit and feel of your dentures, or if you are losing many of your teeth, we have a natural-looking option to renew your smile. Our Smile in a Day procedure utilizes Nobel Biocare®’s advanced All-on-4® technique. It is one of the best treatments for patients who currently use dentures or for patients who are losing a large number of their teeth. With All-on-4®, you can come as close as possible to having a new set of permanent teeth.

Following a thorough consultation and analysis of your current teeth’s color, size, shape and overall bite, we can create a customized set of new teeth that will be designed to look and function just like your natural teeth. The All-on-4® procedure utilizes four special implants that allow for the immediate placement of your new teeth. There is no need for bone grafting during this process. Your permanent, natural-looking implants can be placed in areas of already existing, quality bone. You should be able to leave the same day of your All-on-4® procedure with a set of new, non-removable, fixed teeth. These teeth, however, are transitional and can be replaced following full integration within four to six months with a more durable prosthesis. For minimal adjustment and recovery, your current dentures can typically be used as transitional teeth.

Gentle oral sedation is included in our procedure and can ensure optimal comfort and safety during treatment. Typically, All-on-4® can be completed in just one day with minimal recovery time. Upon completion of treatment, your teeth should offer many years of comfort, beauty, and functionality.

There are a number of benefits our patients can enjoy following All-on-4® treatment, including:

  • Quick procedural and recovery times – typically only one day needed to complete treatment and most patients can resume normal activities the next day
  • Cost-effective – generally more affordable than traditional dental implants
  • Long-term results – many patients can enjoy their new teeth for a lifetime
  • Simplified maintenance – teeth can usually be cleaned just like natural teeth
  • Restores functionality and the ability to eat, drink, and speak normally
  • Alleviates bad breath associated with dentures
  • Reduces fears of teeth falling out
  • Enhances appearance with beautiful, natural-looking teeth

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